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At 6:17pm on August 7, 2012, Scheherazade said…
Bonnie & Tom,
Thanks for the warm welcome. We were just visiting friends in San Francisco in the spring before a trip to Paso Robles. Perhaps we'll pass that way again and say hi. When are you planning to be in Brooklin?
At 4:52pm on June 1, 2012, Repo Queen said…

Sea Angel


Not sure how you did in Newport, as I was in North Carolina at the time. Repo Queen should be luanced soon and I will send you pictures, as she has been completely overhauled. Obviously , a SW 52  is roomier, but I sail single handed, and this is as much as I can handle.




Repo Queen

At 4:19pm on May 26, 2012, Glide said…
Hello and thank you for the invite. I have family in Sausalito so I may take you up on it! I would really enjoy seeing "Sea Angel" sometime.
Thanks again,
Ian SV "Glide"
At 1:49pm on May 25, 2012, Repo Queen said…

Tell her to check out the boat at Clark Boat yard in Jamestown--they are on the web....Sarah will let her check out the boat, as I am in North Carolina.


At 5:08am on July 25, 2011, Louis Meyer said…

Hi Bonnie & Tom


The 3rd Lobster Run, a race from Stonington CT to Boothbay Harbor ME is planned for August 2012. It's a course south from CT for about 100 miles, turning north just below Nantucket Shoals, to head up the 200 miles to Maine. About a 3 day trip for a pilot. A really good way for someone to see if ocean racing is something they'd like to try: not too big a trip and not to far from a landfall. Strummer's done the first 2 races, and I'm planning on this next one as well. (Let me know if you want to hitch a ride)


The race committee asked me if they could get e-mail addresses for the Pilot owners who keep their boats in this area. I guess that's pretty much New Jersey to Maine. Any thoughts on that?



At 4:17pm on September 8, 2010, FIN said…
Greetings Sea Angel. FIN is still is a boatbuilders shed at the top of the Auckland harbour, South Pacific Boat Builders, Shed 1, Westpark Marina. Like a lot of these jobs the work has grown somewhat and is now not much short of a complete rebuild. She now has 3 skins rather than 1, new floors, new mast step and intercostals and will also have the interior rebuilt. Shall I go on? I still have plenty of time and energy; not sure about the money part of the equation. At present I am waiting on the boatbuilder to give me a fixed price for completing the job, though I am doing much of the labouring work myself in the weekends
At 6:13am on July 12, 2010, Louis Meyer said…
Hey Bonni
I was hoping you'd call to catch a ride up to Maine on Strummer. Oh well, maybe next year.

Sounds like you've had a nice itinerary out there.

My son Todd is in CA. Give hinm a call at 401 742 1298.


At 7:36am on May 27, 2010, TARA said…
Thank you. I love all the great photos of Sea Angel and aspire to follow suit.

The trip north had its challenges. The Delaware Bay in the fog with heavy shipping traffic is not a sailor's paradise. Nor is the Jersey shore after several days of strong northeasterly winds. In any event, we made it and are looking forward to a summer of great sailing.
At 7:59pm on April 27, 2010, FIN said…
Greetings Sea Angel

Work on FIN seems to be proceeding slowly (when does it not on boats?) yet the money is flowing out quickly. October looks like a more promising time for FIN to be re-launched. I do not want to have an earlier launching then find that I have a 2 year period of refitting everything whilst trying to sail at the same time. You would be most welcome to visit FIN. The second of two diagonal skins was completed last week and she is very strong now.
Please contact me before you come to New Zealand. It will be winter in June but we still sail right through the cold season. Best wishes, Peter
At 12:08pm on April 22, 2010, High Tide said…

We ususally avoid going out on the Bay on Opening Day because of the "zoo factor".

I may make an acception this year.
At 7:50pm on December 29, 2009, FIN said…
Greetings from FIN. Sorry I have had computer problems for several weeks and not been able to respond to you.

When does your daughter arrive in Auckland? I am a member of 5 yacht clubs based at Westhaven, Auckland. Some of these have a crew finding service and I can put your daughter in touch with them.

At present FIN is out of the water undergoing major repairs and I will not be able to offer your daughter a sail until June or so. For how long is she staying in New Zealand?

Would a contact phone number for me help? I can send a mobile number which she can txt.

Best regards
At 5:19pm on September 30, 2009, High Tide said…

If I can give work the slip I will go out Saturday. Let's connect by email to fine tune the plan.
At 8:05am on September 18, 2009, A Cappella said…
Sorry for the delay, but I am new to the social networking. I really enjoyed our sail and was sorry that you missed the Sunday. It seems you just disappeared. Sunday was very special and I know you would have enjoyed it a lot.
I thought I got the wheel from Edson who does sell them but when I just looked at their site I noted that their's are either 5 or 7 spoke and fancier than mine with tapered spokes, etc. Mine is a straight forward 6 spoke wheel and surely less expensive. I will look next time I am aboard to see if there are any markings and get the size. It is very nice.
At 7:37am on August 31, 2009, LIBERTE' said…

At Jamestown Boat Yard (Jamestown, RI), two Hinckley Pilots grace the mooring area-- NORTH STAR and MOONBEAM. NORTH STAR is the newcomer, and she's a yawl with flag blue topsides, white cabin. In addition, there are two other Hinckley 30's (wood hulls) on the moorings, and the JBY guys are amused they have so many Hinckleys, as their yard's specialty is Swan!
At 5:10pm on August 30, 2009, Pyxis said…
Ok Now I am really confused.I noticed on the newer list that the Hull 3544 appears to in ME. The only ??? seems to be a '66 boat but that boat doesn't seem to match ours. So at this point I have no idea what hull number she is. The mystery continues.
At 3:43pm on August 30, 2009, Pyxis said…
Hi Bonni & Tom:
Thank you very much. She is pretty, but lots of work. Here is what I know about her. We are the fifth owner. I have spoken to all but the first (who is apparently deceased). The story I got from #2 (who sailed her extensively on Lake Michigan) was that the original owner lived in Illinois. He apparently wanted Hinckley to build him a Wood Pilot. At the time Hinckley was already doing glass only boats. So apparently he bought the hull and had the decks and coach house finished in teak in the same style as the original wood pilots. Now when I bought her I was told she is a 1968 however in referencing the Master list - there isn't a '68 which fits her profile. However there is a 1965 listed as "hull only" Hull # 3544. It could have easely taken an additional year or two to complete the decks and coach house. I need to contact Hinckley again to see if they know if that hull went to the mid west. If so, then it is surely our Pyxis. When we bought her she was rather rough. The plywood on the roof was all rotten however the sides and original beams were good. Last year we replanked the roof with cherry T&G. Over that we have expoxied, and screwed 2 thin layers of marine ply - so it is now quite solid - and DRY! Unfortunately my practice was too closely connected to the real estate economy here in Florida, so last summer I ran out of cash. But that will change, meanwhile we have her behind the house and day sail her quite frequently.
At 8:55am on August 30, 2009, HARPOON said…
I also talked to the gentleman selling hinckleys in Harbor Springs Michigan and told him of this site! the more the merrier! So where have you been cruising this summer?
At 9:39am on August 29, 2009, Louis Meyer said…
Hi Bonni

That was a great time! You can come on Strummer any time you want. Todd will be in touch. He's a lot of fun and you and Tom and him should really hit it off well.

I'm hoping that Iris and I can get out there this winter. I'll let you know.

Did you get any pix at Round Pond? If you did and could send some to me that would be great.

Hope to see you soon. Hi to Tom.

At 7:14am on July 14, 2009, Louis Meyer said…
Hi Bonni

I was thinking of leaving on the 6th. The currents aren't great if we take a morning departure, but we could stop at the canal overnite, and continue from there on the 7th, which would make a nice trip out of it. Maybe Iris could ride back up with Tom? I'll check her schedule for this.

At 8:09pm on July 11, 2009, Encantada said…
Ahoy Sea Angel,
ENCANTADA is planning on being at Round Pond in August. We wanted to confirm that the event was going forward and inquire about arrangements for mooring/anchoring in the small harbor.

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