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Does anyone have experience with rebuilding an original windlass? Is it worth the effort? I am not sure I want to undertake a windlass replacement due to the significant deck glass work that will be required as a result of the required deck re-orientation of a new windlass model. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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When you ask about rebuilding, what are the issues that you are seeing?  It might be that you just need to take it apart and give it a good cleaning and lubrication.  

cheers, James


I have been told by my boatyard that the unit is not salvageable with a bent/broken, corroded shaft and gears that are severely corroded.  Do you know if refurbished models or original units to be refurbished are available anywhere?

Do you happen to have a picture, along with overall dimensions and a manufacturer?  There is a place called Bacon Sails in Annapolis, MD that carries a lot of used gear, above and beyond sails.  If you have that info, they might be able to help.  Also, when I purchased Firefly last year, I called Hinckley regarding some questions on the rudder and the gentleman that answered the phone was a wealth of knowledge.  I'd give Hinckley a call as the might be able to help you as well.

Keep us posted as to your progress.  

Cheers, James

we have an ideal windless on Edel. they became part of Schaefer marine and parts are/were still available a few years back. if this is your brand, it might be wort a call. nice folks!

Service of Ideal Windlass - Schaefer Marine

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