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I am asking if someone can send me a picture of the leg and leaf support for their bulkhead mounted salon folding table. The leg was not in Panacea’s inventory when I took possession. I plan to fabricate one this winter. I attached a photo of the hardware currently mounted on the underside of the table. Thanks,



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Good Afternoon Bill,

I'll be at the boat this coming weekend and can grab some pictures and dimensions for you if that would still be of help.  I just closed on my Pilot this past Monday!

Cheers, James

Hello Bill, Apologies for the delay, here are the photos of the table leg.  Let me know if you need dimensions or a 3D model.  I'm a mechanical engineer and would be happy to reverse engineer it if needed.

Cheers, Jameseers, James

Hi James,

Thank-you for the reply. You solved a year-long mystery. Turns out, now that I see your photo, I do have the table leg. I had no idea what I was looking at and relegated it to the pile of old boat parts. Meanwhile, I made a new teak leg, but haven't yet completed the 90 degree table leaf support. I uploaded a photo of the teak leg. I guess I have two table legs now. Fair winds,


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