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I mostly single hand my Pilot though being the good sport that she is, my wife will occasionally sail with me on shorter 2 or 3 day cruises. Since I bought Morning Star 20 years ago, she has had a 135% genny which has been wonderful. Now that I’m getting older I’m wondering how folks feel about having a smaller jib like a 100% or 110%? I know I will give up some speed with wind below say 12 knots but from 15 knots and above I don’t think I’d give up too much speed and she’d be easier to handle on my own. Thoughts?

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We have a 135 Genoa and find that reefing it down to a 110 when the wind is 15+knots we don’t lose any speed up wind. The boat sails flatter and faster with less weather helm. I would like to eventually get a 110 Genoa made for our boat. 

Ryan, SV Pelican

Thanks Ryan. I've been doing the same but the sail shape is pretty inefficient as I roll it up that much. But it's less money than a new jib! Would you look for a tri radial in a new genny?

Our luff is padded and the shape is not to bad but not perfect especially up wind. I don’t really know what kinda sail cut I would go with. That would depend on the type of sailing you would be doing. Racing vs cruising. 

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