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Thanks Buzz and Johnny for putting on an incredible rendezvous for ‘23.

Everyone’s stories were so interesting. Leslie was asking me what I would have said about our girl, had time not run out. I thought you all might like to hear it as well.

Leslie and I started cruising with a Paceship 23, (with an outboard) which I always thought looked “too modern.” We only sailed her one year, before we found a Morgan 25, with an Atomic Four. We sailed “My Fair Leslie” for many years and it was a great boat. But we spent a lot of time dreaming of Hinckleys, especially the Pilots and when we were able, we started shopping for one of our own.

When we found Sea Fever, we realized she was too big for our shallow Wells Harbor and that led to us buying our former house on Harpswell’s Long Island. (just up river from Cundy’s Harbor.)

Sea Fever was built in 1967 with some unusual features. I noticed we are one of the few Pilots to use a boom crutch, (for one) which keeps her boom stored to the port side. She’s also equipped with a fireplace (which has never been used, but is very pretty).

The reason for a lot of what she has going on (I’m guessing even her color) was the result of her former owners. Tom and Nancy Allen had her built and Tom claimed to Nancy was the force behind her looks.

One of Nancy’s biggest concerns was the interior wood. She really wanted a light wood and chose teak. Hinckley did not want to do a custom interior for her and when she insisted, (after some strong debating) Hinckley had the woodwork done by Merle Hallett, of Yarmouth.

When we were considering a boat at Hinckley’s yard, we mentioned Sea Fever and they told us that much of their custom work had been done by Merle and his crew. As a retired woodworker I feel they did a beautiful job.

One of the other special things about Sea Fever, is the way the Allens used her. They told us of one trip to New Brunswick, but most of her life was spent in South Harpswell, moored in front of their house, where she was occasionally taken on picnic day trips.

When we bought Sea Fever, she moved from one side of Harpswell to the other. Our last move took her to Sebasco, across the river from Cundy’s Harbor and almost within sight of her previous mooring.

After having gutted and rebuilt our new house, we are adding an addition and at the same time, I am now able to focus more attention on our beloved Pilot again. All the gorgeous Pilots are an incredible inspiration. You set the bar high.

We both look forward to next year’s rendezvous!

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