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Just adopted a rescue Golden Retriever, 80Lbs.  Any tips on handling this big guy regarding safety while sailing.  Also how to handle his Umm waste issues while anchored or overnight sails.  Thanks

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Hi Carol - many many years ago I was sailing with a neighbors Golden . She was quite comfortable aboard . Spend almost all her time in the cockpit and at times below . One afternoon in Mt Hope Bay , she slipped and managed to slide off the stern and into the water - long , terrifying story - there was a boat off our stern who spotted the episode and sailed up to us . There were (3) young college students aboard who dove in and were able to help me get the 65 lbs Golden aboard . Without the extra hands this would not have been a happy ending . There were only two onboard our boat and that wasn’t enough muscle

There are some Pilots sailing with dogs but not us - that was my last experience with a dog aboard .

But we all know that we need to stay aboard and so do our dogs . Harnesses and jack lines now available

Hi and thank you for the feedback. he will definitely be tethered and in a vest while underway. Again thank you,  Carol/Bijou

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