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Does anyone have any thoughts on the weight difference between an Atomic 4 and a Westerbeke diesel?  

I believe the Pilot 35s were originally designed to carry an Atomic 4.  My last boat had one and it is a much smaller engine than the Westerbeke.  I can't imagine it could be anywhere near as heavy. (it's also more powerful)  Granted there's the gas versus diesel debate. (my wife and I have taken opposite sides of that one many times)  But my thought is, if in fact Sparkman and Stephens had designed the Pilots to carry a lighter engine, how would a heavier one affect the boat's handling?  I'm thinking it could be very helpful in carrying more weight forward, what with windlasses and anchor chain etc., but wouldn't that all add up to a lower waterline?  If so, I'm thinking a lighter engine, as well as watching how much weight is added forward, would greatly improve performance.  

I believe the Yanmar diesels are much lighter than the Westerbekes.  Might they be a closer match to the Atomic 4s?  

I'd love to hear from anyone who has changed from a Westerbeke to a Yanmar.  Have you notice such an improvement?  If so, I would certainly be considering the switch in our future.

Thanks, Charlie

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For argument sake lets call the v-birth everthing from the head to the doors in the picture above.  My v-birth has an upper freshwater tank located under the cushions.  Nothing is below this tank.  (I plumed this tank to my toilet and removed the seawater hose, just an fyi).  Behind the doors above is what i call the foward locker.  Mine has two shelves on port and two on stbd.  Under the floor board in this area is where i found the lead bars. Foward of the this locker area is the anchor chain storage.  

Hope this clears things up!

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