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I have PATRIOT in a remote place on the Great Lakes and cant get a canvas maker to put together a dodger and frame for me. 

Does anyone have the name of a shop that has recently made one for a Pilot that could make a second copy for me? Mine is a yawl, not sure if that changes the dimensions. I would verify everything in any case. 

Thank you, 


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Black Pearl Canvas (200 Cave Hill Rd. Waltham, ME 04605) just made a very nice dodger for Half Moon (Pilot yawl). blackpearlcanvas@gmail.com . --DRM

Amazing. Thank you!

The Cover Loft  --Annapolis (410) 268-0010 . They are so good at Dodgers that my friend who runs North Sails Chesapeake (and provide canvas services as well) told me he wanted use anyone else (incluing his own loft) for a Dodger.

Great - thank you. Black Pearl doesn't do work unless the boat is nearby.... Fedex might charge me a lot to send it to Maine from NNY! Alex

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