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I am new to the Hinckley pilot and am finding the Comanionway hatch has gaps above the runways as manufactured. Does anyone know if this is generic and if so, is there a hatch cover available that deflects unwanted seawater gaining access to the companionway. I noticed one on a picture of Audra.


Thanks in advance


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Hatch covers (sea hoods) are "available," usually custom made for the Pilots. If you're having leaks, especially at the forward corners of the hatch, check that the boat is sitting on her lines properly. If she's low in the water aft, the limber holes won't drain properly

That's good advice Strummer.

     I have been worried that our boat might have too much forward weight from the anchor, chain and windlass, but so far I haven't notice it causing a problem.  However, a friend of mine added a huge bronze manual windlass and a couple hundred feet of chain, as well as a long teak plank so his anchor hangs completely out in front of his 28 foot boat.  Than he asked me why I thought water was laying just forward of his scuppers.  I had just one guess.

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