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A "Hinckley" thing

It hit me as I was getting our Pilot ready to launch this spring, just how people react to these old girls.

I was talking to a very nice man who was working on his sailboat a few boats down from mine. He was telling me the old story we've all heard about how his boat had very little bright work as he didn't want to be a slave to it. I find myself trying to not brag up our boat as it tends to "brag" itself up plenty on it's own. So I took the old "I know what you mean" approach. I was…


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IHYC Classic Regatta

Bagheera was fist over the line and third in the Clas in light winds 0 to 10, not ideal. Watching big classic Blackwatch, Noreaster, and Ticonderoga at the start was incredible

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Shogun win

Shogun in her 48th season won the non spin class in the annual race to Oxford on Aug 12,2017. This is a annual race from Annapolis to Oxford sponsored by the TAYC and the CBYC.
Crew pictured below at awards ceremony.

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Louis Meyer, aboard his Pilot, Strummer, crossed the starting line from Newport, R.I., and is very much in the Bermuda 1-2 Race now. He is sailing solo to Bermuda. After he rests up a bit, he has two others hopping aboard and sailing Bermuda to the Azores on his Pilot!

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Louis Meyer, aboard his Pilot, Strummer, crossed the starting line from Newport, R.I., and is very much in the Bermuda 1-2 Race now. He is sailing solo to Bermuda.
After he rests up a bit he has two others hopping aboard and sailing Bermuda to the Azores on his Pilot!

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Shogun's fuel tank

Shogun has a new fuel tank. The removal was routine but the repositioning was a bit of a challange but has been accomplished . This was completed by the Hinckley yard in Oxford,MD. For anyone interested there is a photo of the new tank posted under photos. When we pulled the old tank out I found a socket wrench,2 screw drivers,and a stuffing box nut in the bilge where the tank was located !

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The Heron is for sale

Home port - Oceanside, California


Bill Middleton (broker)


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Keel Cavity and water line

The Dorothy Rose is currently hauled at a yard in Port Townsend WA. 

She has recently begun to appear a bit down in the bow.  This brings up two questions:

#1 does anyone have a drawing that would show the original water line on a pilot 35?  My hull was repainted recently, and I want to confirm the painted water line is where it should be.

#2  When  she was hauled, the yard noticed a steady leak from the lower fitting of the rudder to the keel.  Does anyone know,…


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deck vent cap

Also, I lost the deck vent cap overboard, sheet line wrapped around it.  Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement. This is for the solid fuel heater below that vents through deck via a pipe.  Hinckley says they can custom make one but I feel that might be a little pricy.  This is the vent cap not the lid.  Thanks

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Hull Speed

Does anyone know the hull speed for a 35.  Sailed mine this weekend in 18-19 knot wind and hit 7+ speed close hauled.  

Added by Bijou on December 4, 2016 at 3:20pm — 5 Comments

Fuel tank replacement

Any advice or experience in replacing an original fuel tank. Mine is located under the engine compartment.

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Hello everyone

My husband Stu Stebbings and I are the proud new owners of Outlier, a Custom Pilot 35. We just sailed a bit in the San Juan Islands close to home. Great boat. We purchased her from Gary Mohr who really set her up nicely for sailing. Stay tuned for questions...!

Added by Anne Slater on August 20, 2016 at 4:41pm — 1 Comment


My boat is on the hard at Port Townsend.  Saturday I was on board, finishing preparations to be put back in the water, when I heard someone call out.  

It turned out it was Rick and Helen, who own of the Chilean Pilot 35s!  Its original name was Calypso, and I cant remember its current name.  At any rate, they live in Port Angeles, but keep the boat in Port Hadlock.  Port Angeles is on the Strait of Juan de fuca;  she reported that at that location the weather was either "hooting", or…


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Pilot Names

Hull# Year Name(s); Home Port; Owner

Click on an underlined name for more information on that specific Hinckley Pilot

3501 1956 HUNTRESS (Sequence, Damn Yankee); Rockland, ME; Kevin Harris

3502 1956 MOONLIGHT LADY (Wings of the Morning)

3503 1957 MY FAIR LADY; Hartsville, SC; Corey Luther

3504 1957 YANKEE (Allegro; Wild Goose, Checkmate, Wawa V); Vancouver, BC; Phillip Cook

3505 1957 HOPESTILLE…


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Main Sail Needed?

I have a used mainsail from a Pilot boat and I would like to find out if there is any interest among your members. It is in good shape, showing some wear but seems to have some life left in it. I did not realize how many of the Pilot boats are still around. Your association website is great. Could I possibly advertise the sail through your website? Please let me know .

Thank you

Dr. Timothy Bruhl



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Roller-Reefing Handle Needed

Ahoy from Bonni and Tom, 'Sea Angel', Sausalito. We are happy to see that the forum is active, our intent when we started it was that it take on a life of it's own. As of today, we are looking for a roller-reefing handle for our main boom. We never converted over to slab reefing.. Have one that you don't need anymore, or have info on where we can get one? Anyone know the the brand of roller reefing system that was original to the Pilot? Our handle is now in Davy Jones' Locker...

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New Spars

Hi.   I am looking into ways to make Surf Scoter a little more competitive in my local yacht club races.   Right now, I have the stock spars (45 years old) and old sails.  Has anyone upgraded the spars?  If so, what did you go with?  Carbon?  Aluminum?  And any other tips on improvements, like backstays, or anythign worth considering to help her along.  Thanks for all your ideas. 

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TARA's new owner!

Wanted to introduce myself as the new owner of TARA a Custom Pilot 35.  Her new port of call will be Tribeca, NYC on Pier 25.  Her name as been TARA since 1964 so why change as everyone love Gone with the Wind!  The boat will be used as a six-pack boat taking people on 2 hour tours to the Statue of Liberty. If you ever find yourself in Manhattan stop by for a sail.

Added by TARA on January 24, 2013 at 10:11am — 2 Comments

Fairclough Winter Cover

I have a used full boat winter cover made by Fairclough Sailmakers Inc. that I would like to sell. Located in New Haven, Ct. I believe it's a few years old and is in good condition however I have never seen it. If you have any questions please email or call anytime
Ian@stanmiller.com (562) 505-3502

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I have been racing Surf Scoter for the past couple months now at my club on Wednesday nights.   And, inevitably, I am beginning to wonder about how to (cost-effectively) get a little more speed out of her.   Do any of you race?   I have what I think is a standard spar set up, with 10 year old sails, give or take.   They are fair enough crusiing sails, but this would be an obvious upgrade.   Currently I carry a 130 genoa on a roller furling.  I have a single set of 2 speed 40STs.    My PHRF…


Added by Surf Scoter on July 9, 2012 at 12:53pm — 1 Comment

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