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It hit me as I was getting our Pilot ready to launch this spring, just how people react to these old girls.
I was talking to a very nice man who was working on his sailboat a few boats down from mine. He was telling me the old story we've all heard about how his boat had very little bright work as he didn't want to be a slave to it. I find myself trying to not brag up our boat as it tends to "brag" itself up plenty on it's own. So I took the old "I know what you mean" approach. I was going on about how I'd had to scrap off the epoxy somebody had used instead of varnish and then wasn't able to get enough coats on the previous year, so I had to strip it back down and start over again this last summer.
I thought I was doing a great job of "I'm with you buddy", when he stopped me cold and said, "ya, but you've got a Hinckley!" I just came back with, "well, you've got me there!"
They certainly are easy to be proud of.

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