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Does anyone have experience mounting a selden extendable bowsprit for a top down gx10 furling spinnaker.  I’m thinking of mounting the bow ring on the side of the ss anchor roller assembly. Good/Bad idea?

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Hello Bijou,  Selden should provide mounting instructions and when I did a quick look, their mounting brackets require 8mm (5/16") fasteners in three places.  I'm not at Firefly now but can envision running the bowsprit on the port side.  One would need to fabricate blocks that would go under the mounting brackets to get them co-planar with the top of the bow stainless casting but that should be pretty easy.  Then you could just run the screws through the brackets, blocks and deck and fabricate a backing plate underneath to back up where the fasteners come through the deck in the chain locker.  Let me know if that helps.  It should be pretty straightforward.

Cheers, James

Thanks firefly.  I’ve discussed this with local selden rep.  He suggests welding mounting ring on ss anchor roller starboard side. My concern was selden extension pole  clearing toe rail but he suggested fabrication of teak block to elevate deck mounting assembly for proper angle. I sail solo 95% of time so would really like to have a simple to deploy light weight mps.  Don’t wish to wrestle with  pole by myself 

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