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Help! Looking for length from boom end to attachment on traveler car.

Hello All, I’m in the middle of a mast refit and need some information from someone who has their rig together.  Specifically, if someone could provide the dimension from the boom block to the traveler block with the traveler in the center and the boom out at its farthest from center.  I need this so I can run the calculation on how long I need to have the rigger make my main sheet, given my block selection.

Thanks in advance for the help!  Much appreciated.

Cheers, James

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I suggest going to yachtdatabase.com and look up specs for the 35.  From memory main sheet is roughly 85 ft which seems lengthy to me but I’m not a rigger 

Hello Bijou, thank you for the website recommendation.  Unfortunately, this length is for a factory setup.  I'm planning on upgrading my main sheet blocks to a Harken coarse/fine tune system.  As such, the main sheet needs to be spliced end to end, therefore creating a loop which allows for coarse and fine trimming without worry of one end getting too short.  The other advantage is for petit crew members as the fine tune has significant mechanical advantage.

Cheers, James

I’m not even going to pretend to understand what you are talking about LOL

Hello Bijou,  If you google  Mainsheet System - 4:1 / 8:1 Self-Contained System, it will clarify.  They are really nice systems and make for a nice setup that’s user friendly for all types of people.  Once installed I’ll try to find a way to demonstrate.

thanks again for the other web link, much appreciated!

Cheers, James

Hello James,

If you haven't already calculated the length: If your E dimension=15 .5, then the distance you are looking for is 19.6' when the boom is extended to 90deg.

Last season, I moved Panacea's mainsheet from the cabin top winch to the aft end of the boom. I have a tall rig. After consulting with a Harken tech, I reeved a 6:1 mainsheet and can manage the main one-handed appropriately reefed for the conditions. 

Fair winds,


Good Morning Bill,  Thank you for the information, much appreciated.  I'll look at the Sparkman and Stephens drawing this evening to confirm the dimension and go from there.

Cheers, James

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