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Hi everyone.  When I purchased Bijou several years ago she was and is in beautiful shape. The only thing I disliked was the bug screen in the V berth area. Just a cheap screen attached with Velcro.  Not up to Hinckley esthetic standards. Any way the local yard would make me a hatch but the price, I thought, was rather high. I had a local cabinet makermake it.  I supplied materials and I installed and varnished.  Only difficult point was curvature of cabin op, 9/16 inch.  It turned outbeautifully and with extra wood he made a mirror. I can pass his name along if anyone wishes it.  Price very reasonable

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Hi - do you happen to have a photo to share ?
Many Thanks

Here are photos

Beautiful result

Very nice result. Could you pass on plans and/or contact information? Thanks.

Andre Ruzycky

Hello Andre.  The cabinet maker that fabricated this for me has retired but will occasionally do a project which interests him.  I’ll contact him to see if he has an interest.  I can say the only difficulty on this install is accurately measuring the curvature of mahogany pieces which mimic the curve on top.  My boat is on the pamlico which is over a 2 hour drive from my home in Raleigh. I took a lot of time to measure accurately the curvature. When I took the assembly to boat, fully expecting to adjust with my sander , I was surprised that it dropped in perfectly.  Let me know if you wish me to take detailed pictures of bug hatch  if so I’ll send.  All hardware came from west marine best wishes. Carol

Carol: Thank you for doing this...I see in the thread, your carpenter is retired. Could he make me an exact copy?  BTW, what did you do for the cockpit /companionway?

Andre & Peter,   I spoke with Glenn and he has no interest in fabricating these bug screens.  If you wish I will take detailed photos and provide dimensions of the screen he fabricated for me. The only tricky part is the curvature which I believe is a 9/16 inch drop from midpoint to outer point.   I will be heading to bijou in a week or so so if you wish the info just let me know.  Best wishes. Carol


Thank you for the dimension information. A contour gauge is on my shopping list for the curvature confirmation.



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