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Beginning the restoration of my new 1967 Pilot 35

Hello all, 

Thanks to Tom for approving my membership. I've recently become the proud owner of a 1967 Hinckley Pilot 35, PENDRAGON (previously WHIFF and SOUTHERLY II). 

She needs a full restoration--luckily I have access to the facilities necessary to complete such a job. I plan to begin the restoration this fall, starting with power and systems. I'll remove just about everything that isn't glassed in. The first major project will be the repower...She currently has a 40 HP Westerbeke, which I have not tested but will likely need to be rebuilt...IF I stick with diesel. I am seriously considering switching to an electric motor, and I am wondering if anyone here has experience with that, or has toyed with the idea of going electric?

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Electric ?! Why? Where will you be hailing from ?

Hailing from Portland, ME. 

I have a boatbuilding friend who is in the marine electric motor industry, and it seems the technology is finally there (at least for the motors) as a reliable replacement for diesel. The only thing to catch up is the batteries, which are easily switched out. The idea of removing the diesel engine and fuel tank and replacing with a 70lb electric motor is quite appealing! BUT, I do realize the drawbacks when it comes to range...which is why I haven't decided yet...

Suppose you need to be very thoughtful about how you intend the boat and what your future plans might look like and how it electric would accommodate or possibly complicate matters

As you know there are several Pilots along the Maine coast - we gathering each summer for a weekend get together

I hope to have PENDRAGON ready for sail next summer...it will be a busy winter!

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